Relax and feel better naturally with the The H.Hemp Company’s™ line of high quality US-Grown Hemp CBD products.

H. Hemp products are a natural alternative for managing your stress, reducing anxiety, and relieving pain and inflammation. We offer great tasting oil tinctures for daily maintenance, breath spray for on-the-go supplementing, and magic balm for topical use.

All of our products contain hemp oil CBD, which is derived from the cannabis plant, but is 100% legal and has NO psychoactive affect.  So, you get all the healing effects of CBD without feeling high.

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All mammals naturally produce “Endocannabinoids” as part of our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS helps our body’s immune, central nervous, and digestive systems maintain functional balance or homeostasis. When we become deficient in endocannabinoids due to genetics, age or stress, a variety of neurological conditions and responses can develop. Fortunately, plant-based “Phytocannabinoids” like those we provide can be introduced into our diets and skin to restore homeostasis and allow natural wellness to occur without side effects. In fact, the US Department of Health & Human Services holds Patent #6630507 “Cannabinoids as anti-oxidants and neuroprotectants.”

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