H. Hemp



H. Hemp products are a natural alternative for managing your stress, reducing mild anxiety, and relieving pain from exercise-induced inflammation. We offer great tasting MCT + full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures for daily maintenance, a breath spray for on-the-go supplementing, and a magic balm for topical use.

All of our products contain hemp oil CBD, which is derived from the cannabis plant, but is 100% legal and has NO psychoactive affect.  So, you get all the benefits of CBD without feeling high.


Relax, feel better and soothe your mind with the calming effects of H. Hemp CBD. products.

Be Your Best You

Feel healthy and happy. Be your best self. And live your best life without ever feeling groggy or high.

Keep Moving!

Soothe aches and pains resulting from exercise-induced inflammation. Stay active and get back in the game quickly with H. Hemp Magic Balm.