Premium US-Grown Hemp Oil & Topicals

Healthy. Happy. Honest™.  The H. Hemp Company™

Our products are non-psychoactive NATURAL ALTERNATIVES to calming your neurons by reducing mild anxiety and pain from exercise induced inflammation.

We donate a portion of all sales to helping stop the opioid, pain and anti-anxiety drug death epidemic.

Our products are:

    • Sustainably farmed in the United States.
    • Premium topical’s and great tasting edible supplements legally grown under US Dept. of Agriculture oversight per US Farm Bill Section 7606.
    • Full of cannabinoids patented as “antioxidants and neuroprotectants” by the US Dept. of Health & Human Services.
    • Made only with premium hemp cannabinoid genetics, not hemp used for seeds, protein or rope.
    • Tested by 3rd parties to ensure no pesticides, solvents nor other contaminants.
    • Non-GMO and contain all natural ingredients.

    How do cannabinoid-rich hemp CBD oils work?

    All mammals naturally produce “Endocannabinoids” as part of our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS helps the body’s immune, central nervous, and digestive systems maintain functional balance or homeostasis. When we become deficient in endocannabinoids due to genetics, age or stress, a variety of neurological conditions and responses can develop. Fortunately, plant-based “Phytocannabinoids” like those we provide can be introduced into our diets and skin to restore homeostasis and allow natural wellness to occur without side effects.

    Great Tasting Hemp Oils

    Brain powering MCT Tinctures infused with full-spectrum hemp cannabinoids.

    • H. Hemp CBD Oil – MCT Tincture 500mg – Lemon

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    • H. Hemp CBD Oil – MCT Tincture 500mg – Natural

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    • H. Hemp CBD Oil -MCT Tincture 500mg- Peppermint

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    H. Hemp CBD Topicals

    • H. Hemp CBD Oil Balm: Magic Soothing Balm 2oz., 200mg

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    H. Hemp CBD Spray: Super Breath Blast

    • H. Hemp CBD Spray

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