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Drug Companies Now the #1 Killer of Americans Under 50 – There is a Better Choice for Many

Prescription drug overdoses are now the number one killer of Americans under the age of 50 (New York Times, 6/28/17). Many physicians are now speaking out about the overprescription and mis-prescription of pain and anxiety drugs. Honest Hemp™ is dedicated to providing products to help people naturally manage these conditions.

Products from The H. Hemp Company™ are different. Our all-natural dietary supplements provide a safe and effective way to address many issues without the risk of side effects.*

Far too many people today think that because their physician recommends a drug, or grants their request for a drug, that it must be safe — simply because it was approved by the FDA and prescribed by their doctor. In truth, most physicians are not even aware that we have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that regulates our immune, digestive and central nervous systems to achieve a state of homeostasis, or balance.

Keeping the ECS in balance is thought to be one of the most important keys to long-term health. In fact, in the 90s researchers discovered that when the ECS is out of balance, a wide variety of neurological conditions and responses can occur. They also observed that plant-based Phytocannabinoids (like those found in our products) fit like “keys” into our ECS receptor “locks” to restore homeostasis and allow our body’s natural defense systems to help restore health.

This ECS functionality is why hemp oil high in cannabinoids and CBD is so effective and comprehensive in its reported benefits to health and wellness. From managing mild anxiety to alleviating pain from exercise induced inflammation, the central nervous system (brain) is primarily responsible for how we handle painful and stressful situations.

Not only do most doctors not understand the ECS or its role in health and wellness, most aren’t aware that the US Department of Health and Human Services has a patent on the cannabinoids found in products from Honest Hemp as “neuroprotectants and antioxidants.” (Patent #6630507.) Our own government has researched and patented the benefits of high CBD hemp oils for our BRAINS – which is where anxiety and pain start!

There can be a better and safer alternative to opioids and anti-anxiety drugs for many: cannabinoid based products.

Each individual’s cannabinoid deficiency can manifest itself differently based on each of our unique genetics and environmental stresses. So while hemp products won’t work miracles for everyone, our products provide a safe and natural alternative for many, without side effects.