H. Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures: MCT oil plus whole-plant hemp with natural, full-spectrum cannabinoids beyond CBD.

Made with full spectrum hemp cannabinoids.

  • H. Hemp CBD Oil – MCT Tincture 500mg – Lemon

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  • H. Hemp CBD Oil – MCT Tincture 500mg – Natural

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  • H. Hemp CBD Oil -MCT Tincture 500mg- Peppermint

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H. Hemp CBD Topicals

  • H. Hemp CBD Oil Balm: Magic Soothing Balm 2oz., 200mg

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H. Hemp CBD Spray: Super Breath Blast

  • H. Hemp CBD Spray

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H. Hemp CBD Oil products are the highest quality, US-Grown Hemp CBD products available. Many import hemp from seeds and stalks – not H. Hemp Company. We only use hemp flowers sustainably grown in the U.S. Free shipping over $49. Use code “BulkSavings” to save 30% on purchases over $275.

GQ Magazine picked the H. Hemp’s Super Breath Blast as the best hemp CBD spray in it’s list of the Top 5 hemp CBD supplement products! Our great taste and superior relief comes from our commitment to premium quality: we only use US-grown hemp flowers grown according to organic practices! Others use imported seeds and stalks!

Want to relax and feel better naturally? Then try the complete H. Hemp Company system.

First, use our H. Hemp CBD supplement MCT tinctures daily for at least 7 days (1-2 ml per day) to stabilize your Endocannabinoid System. Then, add H. Hemp’s Super Breath Blast hemp CBD supplement spray to your purse, bag, or pocket to make it easy to address flare-ups while you’re on the go. Next, consider our Magic Soothing Balm as a topical hemp CBD supplement depending on your needs. It’s great on your muscles, joints, temples and neck.

Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids and H. Hemp provides natural, organically grown hemp CBD supplements which help our bodies maintain homeostasis, or balance. This is why hemp CBD products work so well addressing a variety of issues.

Given their superior, US-grown quality, H. Hemp products have been profiled in GQ magazine, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Nylon, Westword, and Organic Authority.

GQ Magazine Best CBD product List:

H. Hemp Co. donates a portion of profits to stopping the opioid and anti anxiety drug epidemics;