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4. Access to this website may be terminated by HHA with respect to an user or users at any time.
5. Details regarding your account, if and after a user establishes an account, can be accessed by calling the HHA Customer Service phone line at (800)-208-6083.
6. The email service available on this website provides customers of HHA with the capability to send and receive emails regarding retail transactions involving the purchase of Products from HHA.
7. HHA reserves the right to accept or decline any offer or request for the purchase of any HHA Product by any person, firm or organization.
8. The reselling of any Product purchased from HHA through the use of this website or through any other method of purchase whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Any user or account found to be reselling Products of HHA without the written permission of HHA will be immediately suspended and thereby prohibited from purchasing any HHA Products through the use of this website.
9. All prices for the Products of HHA offered for sale on this website are quoted in U.S. dollars. HHA uses an automated payment processing system and accepts only credit card or PayPal payments at this time. All users who wish to purchase HHA Products through the use of this website must maintain valid payment information on file with HHA. In addition, HHA may, in its sole discretion, use credit-card approved services, such as Visa and MasterCard to acquire updated payment and credit information for the purpose of processing or validating any payment on a customer’s account.
10. Billing inquiries and disputes should be brought to the attention of HHA through the customer service phone line listed above within 30 days of the subject transaction.
11. HHA reserves the right to modify Product prices, shipping methods or shipping charges and any other posted costs in its sole discretion at any time and from time to time effective upon posting on this website.
12. The Products offered for sale on this website are sold without any representations or warranties, either express or implied with respect to the effects of any Product upon any user thereof. HHA is not responsible for any damages, injury or economic loss arising from the use not approved of any Product sold through this website. In no event will HHA be liable to any user or customer of this website for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or economic loss arising out of or in connection with the Products sold by HHA.
13. If any part of thee within Terms is found by any court to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, such part will be ineffective only to the extent expressed in such ruling without affecting in any way the remaining parts of the within Terms.
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15. HHA does not accept any orders for the purchase of any Products by any person under the legal age of 18 years.

16. A full refund is available if the product is returned within 30 days.  Email service@honesthemp.com to arrange.

17. Any disputes will be resolved in the EU[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]